helical Razor Wire

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Jinglian Razor Wire Factory is a leading Chinese manufacturer of razor wire security barrier. Founded in 1998, Jinglian operates in a 28000 square foot building, using the art custom build and proprietary equipment to maximize production efficiency and minimize cost. Jinglian's raw materials are from Ball Steel which ensures the quality of razor barbed wire; Jinglian's employees are loyal, dedicated and highly trained. Jinglian can produce 12 tons of razor wire per day and deliver a 20-feet container order within 5 days.

helical Razor Wire


Helical coil is also called single loop razor barbed wire. helical coil is installed without clips and it runs in natural loops on walls or fencings. Helical coils are costless and can be easily installed. Helical coil razor Wire is recommended to be installed between a top wire and the fence fabric, top rail or a bottom wire. Attach the razor wire to top wire and bottom support with hog rings or tie wires.

Concertina Razor Wire


Concertina razor wire has continuous spirals which are fasten two razor wire loops together at various intervals with clips. Concertina razor wire is formed in large coils which can be expanded like a concertina, and it belong to a type of barbed wire or razor wire.

Razir Wire flatwrap


Razor wire flatwrap is made of high tensile razor wire and clapped into a flat panel formation. it provide a high barrier when installed at the top of the wall. It is of great significance in preventing the unwelcome guests from breaking into your private residence.

Welded Razor Wire


Welded Razor Wire is a multi-functional, high security mesh fencing made of stright-blade netting welded together. The razor wire mesh using security fencing is almost impossible to climb or cut off with standard tools, also it has a neat appearance.

Double Barrier


Double Barrier Concertina combines an inner and outer roll of 3-clip concertina razor wire products such as a 24" coil inside of a 30" coil. The double coils increase the time, effort and hazard required for any attempted breach. Double barrier concertina is another option for maximum security.

Rapid Security Barrier


Rapid barrier is a three-razor wire concertina packaged in a container which can snaps back to its original shape. The container provides the ability to quickly expand and collapse the barrier, as well as its safe carrying, transportation and storage. The rapid security barrier is used for the rapid deployment of effective barriers during the police and other special operation, quickly create barriers around objects that provide enhanced security mode.



Jinglian Razor Wire Factory provides a number of resources for project planning and product selection. Whether you are a designer, architect, purchasing agent or business owner, we have the information you need too make sure your razor wire and concertina perimeter security project will meet requirements. See the bellow menu for a selection of FAQs, specifications, installation instructions, etc . to help you plan your project. If you need additional information, please call or email for help from our razor wire experts.

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